Soulful renditions and a beautiful interplay of melodious voice and heart stirring compositions
is what explains Babita Rani - a voice that has enthused, captivated and enthralled audiences across age groups, genres and geographies. A Sangeet Bhasker from Pracheen Kala Kendra in Hindustani and Classical music, Babita Rani's refreshing voice is an embodiment of godly love, something that's synonymous with Bhakti style
of singing.
Specializing in Classical form of singing, Babita Rani's voice and heart touching compositions have paved her way into crème-de-la-crème of playback singing with smashing hits in many Maithili Music Albums like "Sunder Pahunma Ayle".

As an empanelled artist , She travels across the country, uniting a global community through the international language of Bhakti music and has so far performed at over
200+ concerts.

For the delight of the Bhakti soul, Babita has an unparallel rave edition of music albums to her credit

Babita Rani's voice has been appreciated by fans and critics univocally and over the years Babita has won many awards.